We care for the wellbeing of people in their homes and at work.

Advanced technologies, thoroughness and commitment with respect for our planet. This is the environment in which our business has grown since 1997.

We work with the best.

We offer maintenance and technical assistance specialised services for boilersconditioners and heating systems of the leading brands on the market.

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A winning team in every field.

Thank to our organised structure, we can schedule maintenance services in the best way possible and respond promptly to requests for intervention. Our technicians’ continuous training is guarantee of up-to-date expertise and trustworthiness. Technology and innovation are our trademarks: from instrumentation to vertical storage and management software.

Specialised technicians
Customer Service operators
Our employees
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Our professionalism is certified.

The quality of our procedures is ensured by the most rigorous certification bodies. We use technically advanced instruments, which are periodically calibrated to obtain high levels of COP (Coefficient of Performance).

We care for the future of our planet.

Improving people’s wellbeing for Parma Clima means also reducing the impact on the environment. We have made this our own value, adapting the company to what is needed today to have a positive impact on the environment.

We feel at the centre of a community.

Sports, culture, solidarity: Parma Clima is close to the people also by supporting numerous initiatives and organisations.