The following data are to be filled out at the first service carried out by an operator, they are stored on file and may be retrieved for subsequent services.

  • Operator

  • Select whether Individual (i.e. families, private citizens), Business (listed on the Business Register), Institutions (public administration), Other (i.e. non-profit organisation community organization, medical and professional offices, associations)
  • Specify the company name or first Name and Last Name (if a person) of the operator. If the intervention is reported by a business or institution that, as operator, provides its own certified staff to carry out the activity, the name of the operator is pre-filled.
  • Enter the operator’s tax code.
  • Mark below whether the foreign operator has no Italian tax code. If so, enter 00000 in the Tax Code field.
  • Email address of the operator: this is a very important field. If correctly entered, the user can report the service and send it to the FGAS database. Can be changed before sending.
  • Natural person or part of a business organization (office, management etc.) that is in charge of managing and maintaining the equipment on behalf of the operator
  • User

    Fill out only if different from the Operator
  • Enter the user’s tax code. The user is who uses the equipment and is not the owner / operator (i.e. tenant, renter etc.)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.